About Dymensa

Dymensa is a IT Systems Consultancy created to provide expert high level advice, support and services to managers of all types, from C level managers wanting to invest in their IT systems, to lower level IT management charged with delivery.

Dymensa specialises in systems that are complex, business rule driven and web based.

Such systems must evolve over time in order to adequately serve the business and remain viable. But the process of making incremental system changes can cause the effectiveness and maintainability of such systems to decline over time. Bad decisions can cause complex web based systems to devolve over time. This leads to less effectiveness, to stakeholder dissatisfaction and to increased maintainability costs. Dymensa was created to help ensure that your systems investment decisions lead to evolution, not devolution.

The philosophy of Dymensa is not to present your business with a convenient way out of single systems problem or opportunity (though we certainly can do that). Rather Dymensa’s philosophy is to find the way forward that will best evolve the system into a position of greater effectiveness, greater stakeholder satisfaction and greater maintainability. In short, Dymensa looks for the solution that delivers the most value to the owners, operators and users of the system.

Dymensa has the ability to specify, design, code and deliver systems solutions to virtually any problem. However Dymensa recognises that often there may be other problems to resolve before a system enhancement or fix is called for. Sometimes actions such as sourcing better resources to support and the system, developing the current resources in terms of skill sets and tools and/or refining procedures and responsibilities are the low hanging fruit to be dealt with first.

A key concept that informs the Dymensa approach is root cause analysis. If a complex web based system is not meeting the objectives of the business the first question Dymensa will ask is ‘where are the problems emanating from?’. When fixing and upgrading a yacht you have to start with the major leaks and engine and work up from there. When fixing and upgrading a complex web based system you start with alignment, specification, design, team, technology, procedures and responsibilities and build up from there.

Only when the root causes of system problems have been identified and ranked, can a clear way forward be plotted.

And only once these issues are identified and accounted for can the most exciting part of systems development be effectively embarked upon – enhancing and improving the user experience and driving the business forward with enhanced systems.

This is why Dymensa exists, to make systems serve your business, and your customers more effectively, now and into the future.


the Team

The Dymensa team are all leaders in their fields. Dymensa only hires and uses professionals that perform in the top echelon of their various fields. Above all, the Dymensa team are able to combine their technical expertise, with an ability to communicate clearly and think analytically. They always develop solutions that are highly individual, original, practical and effective. The Dymensa team is looking forward to the next hard problem they can grapple with, so they can formulate and apply another a great solution for the Dymensa customer.

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About the Director

David Gault

David Gault

Bachelor of Computer Science–Murdoch University

Vice Chancellor’s Commendation for Academic Excellence

  • 40 Years IT Experience
  • 3 Years – Maxiom Computer Systems – Sales.
  • 2 Years – Symonds Le Fevre – Microsoft Support.
  • 9 Years Self Employed – Consulting, Training, Software Development on PCs
    Customers included WA Chamber of Mines, Transperth, Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Freehill Hollingdale Page, Wridgways, Smorgons Steel, Shell.
  • 3 Years – Senior Developer – Computer Packages
    Customers included MCG, Smorgons Steel, Wridgways
  • 11 Years – IT and Development Manager – Wridgways Pty Ltd
    (30 Branches around Australia – WAN/WAN, AS400, Website Hosting, DR Planning,
    ERP System Development)
  • 12 Years – Senior Developer and Systems Architect – Clarisse Enterprises
    Product: nForma (Web based, used by 250 Schools)

David had a gradual introduction to the world of IT. From a general interest in Personal Computers his passion for programming led him to being self-employed for 9 years as an IT Consultant. David contracted to a number of businesses, large and small, providing training, software development and consultancy services. David completed his formal academic studies with a Bachelor of Computer Science from Murdoch University towards the end of his time as an IT Consultant, receiving the Vice Chancellors award for Academic Excellence. David then worked for three years as a Senior Programmer for a small IT company in Melbourne (Computer Packages).

Switching roles, he took on the responsibilities of IT Manager at a medium sized transport company (Wridgways). Besides taking on various development tasks, this role allowed David to gain high level of knowledge and experience with the full gamut of critical IT areas including networking (LAN and WAN), internet structures, virtualisation, hardware and software redundancy, business continuity, encryption, public key infrastructure, electronic document management, communications, messaging, authentication, authorisation and security.

David’s skills and experience cover virtually the full range of IT areas, but this is only a part of David’s story. David is also passionately interested in spirituality, history, physics, information science, biology, economics, politics, psychology, anthropology and sociology. David sees the mixture of order and chaos evident in the processes of software systems development reflected in every one of his areas of interest. For David, IT is a means to an end – building better societies, protecting the planet and giving all human beings the chance of a better life.

David spent ten years in this position then decided to look for a serious development role that would allow him to fully expand his knowledge of all aspects of large scale complex web based systems. He found what he was after in the form of Clarisse Enterprises and their very successful nForma product that provides web based services to over 200 schools. Over ten years David led a small technical team and personally designed and developed the system multi-tiered, multi-tenanted, SPA application with multiple portals, windows services, windows applications, IOS clients, transactional persistence mechanisms, ORMs, Web API, logging services and data services. David is now engaged in launching his software consultancy and his visionary platform – the PVDN.

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