PVDN – The Internet just got Private!

We all know the Public Internet, now meet the Private Internet.

The Internet is a public space where information is shared openly and freely, unless of course you are a business or the government. Businesses and governments can afford private networks, servers and firewalls so they can keep their information private and share only what they want. Up until now, enjoying the benefits of a private network connected to the internet was far too expensive for individuals, families and small businesses.

But not any more! A PVDN provides the same convenience, privacy and power enjoyed by large businesses – but for the price of a cup of coffee per week!

So What is a PVDN

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A PVDN is a service that provides permanent, exclusive, private, safe, ubiquitous access to and control of your data and devices in the Cloud for a cost you will hardly notice.

current Screenshots

(the first PVDN prototype is currently under construction)

Sample Windows UI
Sample Info Node Selector
File Details Screen (Mobile)
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A PVDN is different from a VPN. A VPN protects you while you browse the internet. A PVDN gives you a private internet to connect your devices and store your data. (You probably need both.)

Who should buy a PVDN

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Couples and parents wishing to organise and keep private their family information, particularly photos and personal records.

Active people who need to organise busy lives using multiple devices and a simple, intuitive user interface to access to all of their online data.

Professionals who need to store customer records securely and privately, but share amongst staff with appropriate authorisation.

Tech savvy individuals who want to manage large amounts of data and extend their personal networks into the cloud.

Privacy conscious individuals who wish to keep their internet use and data genuinely private using technology.


Politically aware individuals who want a more democratised internet with collective ‘push back’ against giant corporations and overreaching governments.

Is this all there is to PVDNs?

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By no means...

The PVDN will ultimately change the very character of the internet, letting the billions of personal and small business users enjoy the benefits currently only available to large businesses and government institutions. The PVDN will provide a solution to many of the identity, privacy and manageability issues that becoming ever more troublesome as the internet becomes the organisational foundation of all our lives.

Want to know more?

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