Why should you invest in the PVDN project?

We are working hard to change the internet landscape with privacy and security.

Changing the Internet landscape.

Demand for Privacy and Security.

The demand for privacy and security is a fast-growing market. Internet users are becoming more and more aware of the level of detail corporations have on them.


The opportunities the internet presents are endless. However, there has been little opportunity to navigate the internet without losing our privacy or paying a lot of money.

Cloud-based Storage.

The uptake in cloud-based storage opens a whole new dimension in the amount of information we disclose. What information corporations have on us. We may have already given a cloud storage provider our name address and date of birth. Now they have our photos and can start profiling our lives and personal information in complete detail.
The PVDN changes all of that and equalises the balance between corporations and users. It gives a user the ability to access cloud-based storage platforms but without compromising their privacy and security.
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It wrestles the control away from the corporation. It allows a user to freely use cloud based services on the internet, but with privacy of a kind never before seen.

While privacy platforms exist, they exist for larger organisations and are generally very expensive. The PVDN is a mechanism where home and small business users get a high level of privacy and security, but for only a small monthly fee.

The PVDN is a dynamic offer that we anticipate will have a high uptake and continue to grow and evolve.
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Talk to us about getting in on the ground level and what type of investment we are seeking.
The potential PVDN market is the entire current 5 billion Internet users.

The PVDN concept is protected by patent.

The first prototype PVDN is under development and will be available soon for demonstration.
Investment recovery
Recovery of the initial investment will be swift, the potential for growth is virtually unlimited.
The PVDN platform will create an entirely new market place for products and innovation and early investors will be at the epicentre.
The future is coming be a part of it

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